Welcome to Brain Harmony

Is your child struggling at home, in the classroom or on the playground? Have you sought therapeutic help but are frustrated with the cost, inconvenience and pace of outcomes?

If So, Brain Harmony Can Help!

Brain Harmony provides the most powerful and proven therapies to help children and adults with any type of learning or performance difficulty. From autism spectrum, attention and regulation issues, strokes, brain injury, sensory processing disorder, concussions, dyslexia or any type of neurological dysfunction, Brain Harmony can help.

Our national, home-based program will bring the therapy into your home at significantly less cost than traditional offerings. Best yet, our programs work and are pennies on the dollar compared to traditional therapies in a clinic. Not only that, you can do it in the convenience of her own home and it is easy to use.

How May We Help Your Family?

We pride ourselves on finding what works best and helping families get access to those services. To learn what Brain Harmony may recommend for you or your family member, complete this online screen and schedule a complimentary consultation with a Brain Harmony therapist.

The First Step: Submit a Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA)

To learn more about how Brain Harmony can help, you should first fill out an MFA for your child. This will provide you insight into your child's behavior, motor skills, sensory, language skills, and sleep patterns. Just hit start now below for the age range your child falls into.

Start the MFA by adding your info below and hitting Start The MFA

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